I have mentioned money a number of times on here but I think that it really is the root of the entire problem in regards to addiction and drug use in America. I think a huge problem is complete ignorance of the entire country when we are talking about our tax money and where it is actually going. The majority of people aren’t as passionate about this topic as I am and they simply don’t care to learn about the actual numbers.

We Need Awareness

I think if people got a bill or some sort of outline of exactly what their tax money is being spent on there would be an absolutely enormous outrage heard all around the country. Instead of pouring money into these prisons and into the pockets of their owners, we need to redirect the money into rehab programs and systems where all of our money isn’t going to waste. The amount of repeat offenders for non violent crimes is astounding and all it would take is a little bit of care and compassion instead of incarceration.

I think it has been pretty much proven at this point that the amount of money saved from tax payers money would be incredible if it were focused on rehabilitation and not locking people up. Not only would money be saved directly from housing inmates, but the chances of repeat offenders being locked up again would be greatly reduced which would save millions down the road.

We really are living in a scary time.

I Just Don’t Get It

Now that we have had actual numbers and statistics in regards to the costs of locking up so many non-violent crime offenders, I just cannot wrap my head around why nothing is being done. No one even tries to argue against the fact that prisons are costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars and the majority of the time it is for non-violent crimes.

Once Again, Follow the Money

Now I might be wrong here, but I am pretty sure that I have read that America is the only country in the world who makes such a profit from private prisons. This really is the only logical argument that I have heard to argue against rehab VS jail.

This isn’t to say it is right, by the way. I think this is disgusting and if there are people up top who are counting on incarcerating Americans to make their fortunes, they should be tied up to a boat and set off to sea. This is just the only argument in favor of incarcerations that actually makes sense to me.

I think it is a shame that almost everything in America is run and is determined by money. This money is also held by 1% (maybe less) of the total population. How has there not been anything done at this point? How have we, as Americans, not fought back and demanded change in this country??

Economic Impact

I have nothing but the utmost and absolute respect for Bob and the changes he has made to his life since entering his rehab program and avoiding any jail time. If you missed the last couple posts I have done on here, my friend’s father (we are calling him Bob) was sentenced to a rehab program instead of jail by a judge. He got a job working for one of his good friends doing home improvements and it changed his life. He went from being bed ridden and addicted to Oxycontin to this:

A job like this might not be everyone’s first choice but anyone who has or know someone who has been inflicted with an addiction knows that this is an enormous step and is something to be 100% proud of.

Not Good Just For Bob

The amount of tax payer money that is poured into the prison system is absolutely jaw dropping. In the last 40 years, it has cost hard working Americans just under $10 billion PER YEAR. It is almost impossible to comprehend how much money this is and what else it could have been used for.

So in Bob’s case, not only is tax money being saved from incarcerating him, but more money is actually being put into the American economy from him working and paying his taxes. Think about how many Bob’s are in the prison system right now for non-violent crimes and how much it is costing YOU!

There needs to be change not only for the sake of inmates, but for the entire economy of our country.

Life Changer

A Different Person

No one, including himself, really knew how bad Bob’s addiction had gotten until he was in rehab and had to endure the misery that is detoxing. For anyone that doesn’t know, Oxycontin is often compared to as “expensive heroin” and I don’t think I need to explain how addicting heroin can be.

Once the detox was over and the actual rehabilitation had begun, Bob began to see with a clear head again and couldn’t believe what he let himself turn into.

A part of the outpatient rehab program that the judge placed Bob in required him to hold some sort of job while he completed treatment. Remember, Bob got into this whole situation because of an almost paralyzing back injury while on the job as an iron worker so that kind of major physical labor was out of the question.

Home Improvements Vs. Jail

Bob was always a blue collar worker however and luckily for him, the same went for the majority of his friends including one who owned a small local roofing, gutter, and siding company that also did various home improvements. Nothing major but it was physical enough to keep Bob happy but not too strenuous that his back couldn’t handle.


What’s it going to be?

So instead of wasting away in jail and just counting down the days until he was to be released and he could use again, Bob began his new career at Premiere Gutter Guard and even though he didn’t necessarily “love” the job, it kept him off the streets and out of jail which is all the mattered.

It seems like most of the guys who grew up in his generation could handle themselves pretty well in these kinds of jobs and very little training was needed. He spent most of the day off of ladders because of his back and primarily had to fix broken gutters. Bob never really had to do any roofing but he did work with installing gutter guards. Most of the time they didn’t really require any kind of heavy tools or machinery so it wasn’t anything Bob couldn’t handle.

We Need More Bob Stories

How many times have you heard a story like this one on the news? Probably close to none and that is what I think is the problem with the United States and their current drug policies. Bob never asked to be prescribed something as powerful and life changing as Oxycontin can be. Back when he was going up, the doctor was someone you could trust and you never thought twice about the medicine you could get from them.

Now we have to worry about forming a full blown physical dependency that could potential ruin lives just by following the doctor’s orders?

I hope I have gotten some of you to think about these things here on Pedro Garcia, even if you don’t agree.

Real Life Example

Sorry about the delay since my last post. I was swamped with work and then took a long time needed vacation and I did nothing but relax for 7 days straight.

Now back to the real world…

Remember My Friend?

So last time I posted I briefly touched on one of my good friend’s dad and his experience with the pain killer Oxycontin and his addiction to it. I wanted to talk more about this because I think it is a really important topic and should be a model for what our country’s drug policies are.

About a year into my friend’s dad’s, we will call him Bob, recovery is when they started to realize that there was a problem beginning to form. His prescriptions began running out sooner and when they finally did run out, Bob would turn into a different man.


Eventually Bob ran into a little bit of trouble and caught himself a DUI. At this point Bob’s wife basically threatened to leave him unless he cleaned up his act and luckily for Bob, this was the first time he had ever gotten into any kind of real trouble and the judge cut him a huge break.

The judge gave Bob a break and gave him 2 options.

Jail or rehab.

Thankfully Bob had enough sense at the time to choose rehab and it changed his life.

I think America jumps the gun when it comes to locking people up and never put enough resources into alternatives to incarceration.

I’ll talk about the rehab and how it saved Bob’s life tomorrow.

One More About Prescriptions

Yesterday I dedicated a post towards prescription medication and some of the reasons I believe prescription drug abuse is at an all time high in the United States. Click here if you missed it.

Well, I noticed that I haven’t really talked about any personal experiences I have had when it comes to drug abuse and addiction and thought I would share a little story that I had that I think is probably more common of a problem than most people would like to believe.

The “Legal Gateways”

So if you remember, I had a post about marijuana being labeled so frequently as a “gateway drug.” This really got me thinking and you want to know what I think the biggest and most dangerous gateway drugs are these days?

You guessed it. Prescription medication and meet the most common dealers…

Life Changers

I don’t think a lot of people truly and fully understand what they are getting themselves into when they begin some prescriptions. I saw this happen first hand to a long time good friend of mine’s father. He worked in construction and hurt his back severely bad on a job one day and was prescribed Oxycontin from his doctor. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this drug, it is one of the most addictive pain killers in the world and is comparable to heroin.

Out of respect for my friend I will spare the details, but long story short his dad ended up in rehab 2 years later with a severe dependency and nearly lost his home, family, and life in the process.

I really hope we start seeing a change in our medical field and these doctors can stop filling out prescriptions like it’s nothing.

Thanks for listening and checking out my blog!

Not So Taboo…

If you missed my post in regards to illegal drug use being so “taboo” contributing it the increasing prevalence of use and abuse, take a minute and catch up here.

A Different Angle

A problem that seems to be getting worse and worse in America and is unfortunately probably the most “accepted” narcotics available today are handed over right by your local pharmacist.

Yes, I am talking about prescription pills and medication. According to a little article I found last night, more people abuse prescription drugs than heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens, and inhalants combined.

This is a scary statistic and in my personal opinion, the exact opposite reason as I described in my last post is the blame for this. The same reason that teens and younger people might abuse certain narcotics because of the enormous taboo placed on them by adults, I believe a comparable amount of people abuse prescription medication because getting drugs from your doctor or pharmacist seems totally A-OK and as long as they don’t come from the streets nothing bad can happen, right?

A Re-Occurring Theme

How do so many people get hooked on medication that is prescribed by doctors on a daily basis?

As I briefly mentioned in my first post on this whole thing, all you have to do is follow the money. The pharmaceutical companies have turned into a multi BILLION dollar industry and guess who has a huge say in how psychological diagnoses and treatments are implemented?

You got it; the pharmaceutical companies.

We really do have our priorities mixed up here in the United States…


My last post in regards to Europe and their laid back drug laws got me really thinking about the perception of these substances in the United States. I really think that the taboo that has developed surrounding certain substances in the United States plays a huge role in the frequencies of abuse.

Think about it.

I think this plays even a bigger role in younger people and especially teenagers. Think back to when you were a kid. When your mom made a point to tell you not to do something, didn’t that make you want to do it all that much more?

I think the same applies to drug use in the United States. There is so much emphasis on the detrimental effects of any narcotic or mind altering substance out there that there is no way this doesn’t add to the appeal to teenagers or even younger kids.

High School

Take a minute and think back to when you were in high school. How many kids did you know went out of their way to cause trouble and make a stir in the classroom? God knows I saw too many of them and they fed off this sort of rebellion.

This is where most addicts begin to use certain substances and I think the taboo that we have created around them adds to the appeal. Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t educate children on drug use and abuse, but I think we might be putting too much of an emphasis on it and are trying too hard to scare kids away from them which might be causing the opposite desired outcome.

Let me know what you guys think and thanks for reading my thoughts and opinions on everything, even if they aren’t the most popular views.

Let’s Look Around

Europe Is On The Right Track

Pondering after my post on prohibition and complete legalization, I thought about other countries around the world and some of the effects it has had on their country and ramifications. I don’t have actual numbers and statistics, but I do have common sense and an awareness of the world and the news. I also don’t know a lot of the specifics on it, but I do know that Europe has a lot more laid back laws when it comes to some of the “harder” narcotics out there such as hallucinogens and other psychedelics.

Now I have never been to Europe, but I think it is pretty common knowledge at this point that places like Amsterdam and others around have a lot less strict laws when it comes to possession and consumption of things like marijuana or “magic mushrooms.” I myself have never partaken in such substances, but I don’t really see the harm in them from what I have heard from people who have. Yes they can be scary and you can have a miserable time on them, but with responsible use I have heard many positive experiences with them.

Let’s Think

Now I may be wrong here, but if the sale and regulation of these substances was such a detriment to a society, wouldn’t we hear more about people jumping off buildings or murdering each other a lot more frequently on the news? From what I have seen, legalization and regulation takes the sort of “taboo” away from these things and they become really not that big of a deal. I think when you restrict them completely, people are more prone to use and abuse them. Don’t go anywhere, I think I might start looking at some actual numbers on this.


Total Legalization?

After reading some of my past posts, I want to make a few clarifications.

First off, I don’t necessarily believe total legalization of all drugs is a solution to the problems we are facing in regards to the war on drugs. I will say though that I think total legalization, paired with heavy regulations, would be a much better system than we have in place right now. Let’s face it, people who are using hard drugs are going to be using them no matter what. It does not matter where those who are addicted are going to get their drugs, whether it be on the street corner or over the counter at a store, they are going to get their drugs period.

I do believe that if we regulated the manufacturing and sales of a lot of substances, countless lives could be saved in the process. Not to mention the criminals who are supplying these life destroying drugs would be put out of business. The amount of money that would be both saved, and made, would be astounding.

One Thing Is For Sure

Prohibition does not work.


We have seen this with alcohol and we have now seen this with marijuana. If you completely outlaw any substance, it only opens up an entire market up for grabs by criminals and those who actually deserve to be put in jail. I really find it hard to believe that anyone out there actually thinks this is the solution to our drug problem in the United States and around the world. There just has to be a hidden agenda under those who support such ludicrous bans. Hang around for more honest and open discussions.