About Pedro

My name is Pedro Garcia and I am very passionate about the war on drugs that is failing our country and am sick of no honest and real dialogue about it. I believe there are major changes that need to be implemented and I am going to use Pedro Garcia Aguado as a place that I can vent some of my honest opinions on the matter and what changes need to be implemented.

I will say however, that we have seen a lot of progress in recent years and it has sparked up my enthusiasm for the topic even more. I think the majority of citizens in this country know and understand how many lives are being destroyed because of our current laws against drug offences, but don’t really know what steps can be taken to try and fix the problem. I myself don’t have any real answers to this question but I think progress is being made.

The first thing we can do is be open and honest while we talk about what’s really going on. I want this to be an open and honest place; somewhere that we can speak our minds and opinions free of judgement or scrutiny. I hope some of you join the discussion.

You can contact me anytime.