One More About Prescriptions

Yesterday I dedicated a post towards prescription medication and some of the reasons I believe prescription drug abuse is at an all time high in the United States. Click here if you missed it. Well, I noticed that I haven’t really talked about any personal experiences I have had when it comes to drug abuse […]

Not So Taboo…

If you missed my post in regards to illegal drug use being so “taboo” contributing it the increasing prevalence of use and abuse, take a minute and catch up here. A Different Angle A problem that seems to be getting worse and worse in America and is unfortunately probably the most “accepted” narcotics available today […]


My last post in regards to Europe and their laid back drug laws got me really thinking about the perception of these substances in the United States. I really think that the taboo that has developed surrounding certain substances in the United States plays a huge role in the frequencies of abuse. Think about it. […]

Let’s Look Around

Europe Is On The Right Track Pondering after my post on prohibition and complete legalization, I thought about other countries around the world and some of the effects it has had on their country and ramifications. I don’t have actual numbers and statistics, but I do have common sense and an awareness of the world […]

Total Legalization?

After reading some of my past posts, I want to make a few clarifications. First off, I don’t necessarily believe total legalization of all drugs is a solution to the problems we are facing in regards to the war on drugs. I will say though that I think total legalization, paired with heavy regulations, would […]


We are going to move on from my last post about alcohol to harder substances. Addiction is a terrifying thing. For anyone who has ever been the victim to it or have had anyone in their lives affected by it, you know just how terrifying it can be. Lives have been shattered from it and […]


One of the most common arguments used for those who are in support of marijuana reform is that if alcohol is legal, why shouldn’t pot be legal? I feel like this has been a dead horse beaten for a while now but very briefly; no one has ever died directly from pot, you don’t “black […]

Gateway Drug?

Now that I have touched on the legalization of marijuana on my last post, I figured I would try and shed some light on my own personal opinions in regards to some of the criticisms with marijuana and it’s legalization. The most common argument I have heard when it comes to the opposition of legalization […]


If you check out my first post you know what this page is going to be about. Now I will start this by giving credit where it is due. America has definitely been taking the steps in the right direction in regards to marijuana, but there is still a lot of work that needs to […]

There Is A Problem

Fortunately, I don’t seem to be the only one anymore who sees that there is an absolute epidemic going on in the United States today in regards to the war on drugs. I don’t think I need to waste too much time on explaining what I mean by this but I will give a general […]