I have mentioned money a number of timesĀ on here but I think that it really is the root of the entireĀ problem in regards to addiction and drug use in America. I think a huge problem is complete ignorance of the entire country when we are talking about our tax money and where it is actually […]

I Just Don’t Get It

Now that we have had actual numbers and statistics in regards to the costs of locking up so many non-violent crime offenders, I just cannot wrap my head around why nothing is being done. No one even tries to argue against the fact that prisons are costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars and the majority of […]

Economic Impact

I have nothing but the utmost and absolute respect for Bob and the changes he has made to his life since entering his rehab program and avoiding any jail time. If you missed the last couple posts I have done on here, my friend’s father (we are calling him Bob) was sentenced to a rehab […]

Life Changer

A Different Person No one, including himself, really knew how bad Bob’s addiction had gotten until he was in rehab and had to endure the misery that is detoxing. For anyone that doesn’t know, Oxycontin is often compared to as “expensive heroin” and I don’t think I need to explain how addicting heroin can be. […]

Real Life Example

Sorry about the delay since my last post. I was swamped with work and then took a long time needed vacation and I did nothing but relax for 7 days straight. Now back to the real world… Remember My Friend? So last time I posted I briefly touched on one of my good friend’s dad […]