Economic Impact

I have nothing but the utmost and absolute respect for Bob and the changes he has made to his life since entering his rehab program and avoiding any jail time. If you missed the last couple posts I have done on here, my friend’s father (we are calling him Bob) was sentenced to a rehab program instead of jail by a judge. He got a job working for one of his good friends doing home improvements and it changed his life. He went from being bed ridden and addicted to Oxycontin to this:

A job like this might not be everyone’s first choice but anyone who has or know someone who has been inflicted with an addiction knows that this is an enormous step and is something to be 100% proud of.

Not Good Just For Bob

The amount of tax payer money that is poured into the prison system is absolutely jaw dropping. In the last 40 years, it has cost hard working Americans just under $10 billion PER YEAR. It is almost impossible to comprehend how much money this is and what else it could have been used for.

So in Bob’s case, not only is tax money being saved from incarcerating him, but more money is actually being put into the American economy from him working and paying his taxes. Think about how many Bob’s are in the prison system right now for non-violent crimes and how much it is costing YOU!

There needs to be change not only for the sake of inmates, but for the entire economy of our country.

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