I Just Don’t Get It

Now that we have had actual numbers and statistics in regards to the costs of locking up so many non-violent crime offenders, I just cannot wrap my head around why nothing is being done. No one even tries to argue against the fact that prisons are costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars and the majority of the time it is for non-violent crimes.

Once Again, Follow the Money

Now I might be wrong here, but I am pretty sure that I have read that America is the only country in the world who makes such a profit from private prisons. This really is the only logical argument that I have heard to argue against rehab VS jail.

This isn’t to say it is right, by the way. I think this is disgusting and if there are people up top who are counting on incarcerating Americans to make their fortunes, they should be tied up to a boat and set off to sea. This is just the only argument in favor of incarcerations that actually makes sense to me.

I think it is a shame that almost everything in America is run and is determined by money. This money is also held by 1% (maybe less) of the total population. How has there not been anything done at this point? How have we, as Americans, not fought back and demanded change in this country??

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