Life Changer

A Different Person

No one, including himself, really knew how bad Bob’s addiction had gotten until he was in rehab and had to endure the misery that is detoxing. For anyone that doesn’t know, Oxycontin is often compared to as “expensive heroin” and I don’t think I need to explain how addicting heroin can be.

Once the detox was over and the actual rehabilitation had begun, Bob began to see with a clear head again and couldn’t believe what he let himself turn into.

A part of the outpatient rehab program that the judge placed Bob in required him to hold some sort of job while he completed treatment. Remember, Bob got into this whole situation because of an almost paralyzing back injury while on the job as an iron worker so that kind of major physical labor was out of the question.

Home Improvements Vs. Jail

Bob was always a blue collar worker however and luckily for him, the same went for the majority of his friends including one who owned a small local roofing, gutter, and siding company that also did various home improvements. Nothing major but it was physical enough to keep Bob happy but not too strenuous that his back couldn’t handle.


What’s it going to be?

So instead of wasting away in jail and just counting down the days until he was to be released and he could use again, Bob began his new career at Premiere Gutter Guard and even though he didn’t necessarily “love” the job, it kept him off the streets and out of jail which is all the mattered.

It seems like most of the guys who grew up in his generation could handle themselves pretty well in these kinds of jobs and very little training was needed. He spent most of the day off of ladders because of his back and primarily had to fix broken gutters. Bob never really had to do any roofing but he did work with installing gutter guards. Most of the time they didn’t really require any kind of heavy tools or machinery so it wasn’t anything Bob couldn’t handle.

We Need More Bob Stories

How many times have you heard a story like this one on the news? Probably close to none and that is what I think is the problem with the United States and their current drug policies. Bob never asked to be prescribed something as powerful and life changing as Oxycontin can be. Back when he was going up, the doctor was someone you could trust and you never thought twice about the medicine you could get from them.

Now we have to worry about forming a full blown physical dependency that could potential ruin lives just by following the doctor’s orders?

I hope I have gotten some of you to think about these things here on Pedro Garcia, even if you don’t agree.

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