Not So Taboo…

If you missed my post in regards to illegal drug use being so “taboo” contributing it the increasing prevalence of use and abuse, take a minute and catch up here.

A Different Angle

A problem that seems to be getting worse and worse in America and is unfortunately probably the most “accepted” narcotics available today are handed over right by your local pharmacist.

Yes, I am talking about prescription pills and medication. According to a little article I found last night, more people abuse prescription drugs than heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens, and inhalants combined.

This is a scary statisticĀ andĀ in my personal opinion, the exact opposite reason as I described in my last post is the blame for this. The same reason that teens and younger people might abuse certain narcotics because of the enormous taboo placed on them by adults, I believe a comparable amount of people abuse prescription medication because getting drugs from your doctor or pharmacist seems totally A-OK and as long as they don’t come from the streets nothing bad can happen, right?

A Re-Occurring Theme

How do so many people get hooked on medication that is prescribed by doctors on a daily basis?

As I briefly mentioned in my first post on this whole thing, all you have to do is follow the money. The pharmaceutical companies have turned into a multi BILLION dollar industry and guess who has a huge say in how psychological diagnoses and treatments are implemented?

You got it; the pharmaceutical companies.

We really do have our priorities mixed up here in the United States…

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