Real Life Example

Sorry about the delay since my last post. I was swamped with work and then took a long time needed vacation and I did nothing but relax for 7 days straight.

Now back to the real world…

Remember My Friend?

So last time I posted I briefly touched on one of my good friend’s dad and his experience with the pain killer Oxycontin and his addiction to it. I wanted to talk more about this because I think it is a really important topic and should be a model for what our country’s drug policies are.

About a year into my friend’s dad’s, we will call him Bob, recovery is when they started to realize that there was a problem beginning to form. His prescriptions began running out sooner and when they finally did run out, Bob would turn into a different man.


Eventually Bob ran into a little bit of trouble and caught himself a DUI. At this point Bob’s wife basically threatened to leave him unless he cleaned up his act and luckily for Bob, this was the first time he had ever gotten into any kind of real trouble and the judge cut him a huge break.

The judge gave Bob a break and gave him 2 options.

Jail or rehab.

Thankfully Bob had enough sense at the time to choose rehab and it changed his life.

I think America jumps the gun when it comes to locking people up and never put enough resources into alternatives to incarceration.

I’ll talk about the rehab and how it saved Bob’s life tomorrow.

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