I have mentioned money a number of times on here but I think that it really is the root of the entire problem in regards to addiction and drug use in America. I think a huge problem is complete ignorance of the entire country when we are talking about our tax money and where it is actually going. The majority of people aren’t as passionate about this topic as I am and they simply don’t care to learn about the actual numbers.

We Need Awareness

I think if people got a bill or some sort of outline of exactly what their tax money is being spent on there would be an absolutely enormous outrage heard all around the country. Instead of pouring money into these prisons and into the pockets of their owners, we need to redirect the money into rehab programs and systems where all of our money isn’t going to waste. The amount of repeat offenders for non violent crimes is astounding and all it would take is a little bit of care and compassion instead of incarceration.

I think it has been pretty much proven at this point that the amount of money saved from tax payers money would be incredible if it were focused on rehabilitation and not locking people up. Not only would money be saved directly from housing inmates, but the chances of repeat offenders being locked up again would be greatly reduced which would save millions down the road.

We really are living in a scary time.

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