Total Legalization?

After reading some of my past posts, I want to make a few clarifications.

First off, I don’t necessarily believe total legalization of all drugs is a solution to the problems we are facing in regards to the war on drugs. I will say though that I think total legalization, paired with heavy regulations, would be a much better system than we have in place right now. Let’s face it, people who are using hard drugs are going to be using them no matter what. It does not matter where those who are addicted are going to get their drugs, whether it be on the street corner or over the counter at a store, they are going to get their drugs period.

I do believe that if we regulated the manufacturing and sales of a lot of substances, countless lives could be saved in the process. Not to mention the criminals who are supplying these life destroying drugs would be put out of business. The amount of money that would be both saved, and made, would be astounding.

One Thing Is For Sure

Prohibition does not work.


We have seen this with alcohol and we have now seen this with marijuana. If you completely outlaw any substance, it only opens up an entire market up for grabs by criminals and those who actually deserve to be put in jail. I really find it hard to believe that anyone out there actually thinks this is the solution to our drug problem in the United States and around the world. There just has to be a hidden agenda under those who support such ludicrous bans. Hang around for more honest and open discussions.

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